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LED Ceiling light keeps flickering how to fix it


The reason why the ceiling light keeps flickering

1. Pay attention when installing the ceiling lamp, and it must be installed in place. If the neutral wire and live wire are connected incorrectly, flickering problems will easily occur. The lamp must be connected to the live wire. If it is connected to the neutral wire and the power is turned off, the ceiling lamp will continue to flicker.

2. It may be that the lamp still has current passing through it, and some lamps will generate self-inductance current. In this case, we need to replace the ceiling lamp, for example, replace it with an ordinary incandescent lamp, or directly buy a relay and connect the relay in series. In the circuit, the current can be absorbed, and the problem of flickering will no longer appear.

3. If the cause cannot be found out, it can only be replaced, and the price of the ceiling lamp is not particularly expensive, you can choose an LED ceiling lamp.

How to Replace a Ceiling Light

1. Turn off the power first, in the state of no power connection, to ensure the safety of the wiring personnel.

2. Next, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws around the ceiling lamp, and just rotate the lampshade down.

3. Remove the light bulb inside, and the light bulb is generally installed on the lamp holder and stuck with buttons, so we need to open all the small buttons inside, and then install a new light bulb.

4. It is relatively simple to install, just need to fix it with screws or clamp it with clips, and then it can be installed in place.

What should I do if the ceiling light is not on?

1. If there is a fault in the circuit, such as a short circuit or an open circuit, it will also affect the ceiling lamp, and it will not light up directly. We need to check and replace the circuit.

2. If there is no problem with the circuit, there is a problem with the ceiling lamp, and a new lamp bead or ballast of the ceiling lamp needs to be replaced. The installation is not so complicated, and the price is not particularly expensive.


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