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Is the LED track light good for home use?


1. Easy to match

Generally, the track lights at home have lampshades, and the tube type is the most common, and the brackets are generally made of rotating wood or metal. Installing track lights for home decoration can play a very good role in matching, so when you buy track lights, you must match them well with the lampshade. There should be no ratio of "little people wearing big hats" or "slender and tall people wearing small hats". The sense of imbalance, with track lights with good effect, can add a lot to the whole home decoration.

2. Stylish and concise

The lampshades of common track lights are mostly cylindrical, which are simple and elegant, and have a strong decorative effect. At the same time, lantern-shaped and lantern-shaped lampshades are also commonly used. Some people like to make covers by themselves, such as the large lampshades made of film white film and paintings, which are also very interesting.

3. Partial lighting

The main function of the track light is local lighting. Its advantage is that it is easy to move, and can take care of every corner, which can play a role in adjusting the atmosphere. If the lighting* of the track light is projected directly downward, it is suitable for reading and other activities that require concentration. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. The lower side of the lampshade of the track light should be more than 1.8 meters above the ground.


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